About us

Quercus Technologies is an international company with a consistent presence on the parking market for more than 15 years. Quercus know-how, expertise and long-experience on the market are main assets that brought us worldwide recognition as specialists in vehicle detection technology and made Quercus a global referent among companies that develop and commercialize license plate recognition products. 

With offices in Europe, North and South America and Asia, and with more than 3000 installations worldwide that include our products, we make sustained efforts to be ahead of the market and provide our customers with solutions that help them get the maximum benefit from their projects.  Quercus products are compliant with the highest quality standards (CE, FCC, UL) and are based on proprietary technologies designed by our in-house engineers. 

Thanks to our continuous investments in R&D, we feel proud of being pioneers in the technologies we develop and strive to manufacture added-value solutions by designing easy-to-use devices based on All-in-One architecture and easy start-up concept.

Quercus Technologies is certified ISO 9001 since quality is an issue that we particularly take into account in all our internal and external processes. Our general Quality Policy reflects our commitment to promote awareness of quality to our business and is available to all our stakeholders.

Quercus is made up of a team of passionate and visionary people who believe in the power of true innovation and are fully committed to delivering cutting edge solutions meant to reshape the parking market in terms of its management and security.  

Keeping pace with a highly demanding technological environment, Quercus focuses on providing our customers with professional solutions for which we provide unrivalled customer service and technical support. 


Our mission is to provide advanced complete solutions to improve mobility and security in the parking facilities. We seek to nurture the business potential of our clients while providing drivers a better parking experience.


We want to be a worldwide referent in providing technologically advanced solutions based on vehicle identification that contribute to the success of our clients' projects and to smart parking (r)evolution.

Our core values



True innovation


Quality commitment