Parking at the airport is usually a stressful task: finding an available parking spot when you’re running late is not an easy job. 

With the technology developed by Quercus, parkers can book in advance their parking spot at the airport through an online system: just by typing in the license plate of the vehicle, a stress-free journey is guaranteed. 

Quercus solutions offer a thorough management of all the parking-related aspects at airports. With solutions based on reliable license plate recognition vehicle access is controlled at entries/exits.

The license plate used during the booking process is recognized by the LPR units and the vehicle is granted access. Quercus intelligent parking guidance system leads parkers through the facilities until they have reached their reserved parking space.

And more than that, people and vehicle security is continuously assured by advanced videosurveillance cameras that record everything that happens on the premises preventing vehicle thefts, damages and false claims.

How can you get all that? Our BirdWatch solution includes advanced capabilities that control all parking issues at airports.

 Main benefits: