License plate recognition

The main distinctive value of our license plate recognition products relies on the fact that Quercus products include proprietary LPR embedded software manufactured by in-house computer vision engineers, experts in license plate recognition.

Quercus has developed advanced algorithms to cope with country-specific features of the license plates. Quercus LPR products recognize both Latin and Arabic alphabets, states and number in countries such as the US or Mexico and are fully able to recognize colour-coded plates such as the ones present in countries such as UAE, Qatar, etc. The advanced algorithms developed by Quercus are constantly reviewed and updated in order to obtain highly reliable recognition for license plates worldwide

The license plate recognition technology developed by Quercus takes into account various factors that may influence the correct acquisition and process of the wide range of existing license plates. 

  • Placement of the units – careful attention drawn to where the LPR units are installed, depending on the type of installation – indoor/outdoor – and on the type of lane.
  • Lens adjustment – easy adjustment of the zoom & focus to get the best image of the plate.
  • OCR software configuration – certain settings applied to internal aspects of the OCR.
  • State of preservation of the license plates – Quercus LPR units recognize all types of plates, regardless of their state of preservation.