Mobility is the capability included in BirdWatch Parking Suite designed to get information about the traffic flow and queue occupancy rates on the lanes connected to the parking facilities through vehicle presence detectors called virtual loops.

Mobility provides queue occupancy rates and traffic statistics on vehicle flow on the entry/exit lanes in the parking facilities, thus improving traffic flow and mobility around the car parks.

  • Real-time information about the traffic flow around the car park.
  • Queue occupancy rates & traffic statistics on the entry / exit lanes of the facilities.
  • Reduced traffic congestion

Mobility capability is based on data provided by the All-in-One vehicle detection units that integrate the camera, communications and the processor into a small-size sealed unit. Vehicle presence detection is performed using non-intrusive virtual loops where the detection is done through advanced computer algorithms and does not involve any road works as in the case of inductive loop. The virtual loop technology allows for setting up detection areas and various detection loops from where queue occupancy level and traffic statistics can be collected.

To know more about the product that feeds data to Mobility capability, go to Vehicle presence detection sensors.

  • Redirects parkers to other car parks of the same group
  • Enhance parkers’ experience allowing them to reach faster their parking spot
  • Avoids time, fuel and energy waste contributing to environmental efficiency