Non-intrusive vehicle presence dection

Virtual-loop based technology is an above-ground technology based on powerful computer vision algorithms which provides a reliable, non-intrusive, budget, easy-to-install and low maintenance solution to obtain information on vehicle presence on the lanes that connect with the parking facilities. .

One of the main features of Quercus vehicle presence detectors is the fact that they use combined algorithms designed to minimise external factors and, at the same time, to maximise the performance of the units. External factors such as shadows, sudden light changes and traffic environment (queues, different road types or situations) are solved by using complex algorithms that treat all these factors at the same time, instead of treating each factor separately. 

Traffic statistics and summaries such as average time headway between vehicles, average flow of vehicles, density (vehicles/km), average speed (km/h), average vehicle length, queue occupancy rates allows for a better management of traffic on the access lanes towards the parking facilities.