Spot Control Sensor

The Spot Control Sensors developed by Quercus provide license plate recognition at each spot, an improved parking guidance system and spot video surveillance for maximum vehicle control and security in every parking spot. Our Spot Control Sensors are All-in-One units with built-in LPR that perform vehicle detection and license plate recognition inside the unit, fact that guarantees the robustness of our the solution. 

Main features:

  • All-in-One sensors with built-in LPR
  • Renewed housing, robust and more sealed 
  • Multiple detection
  • Wide range of LED lights colours
  • Detection based on highly reliable LPR 
  • Information managed through Spot Control Capability in BirdWatch

All-in-One with built-in LPR: every unit operates autonomously as the license plate recognition is performed inside the very unit.  

Robust, sealed and aesthetic unit that easily adapts to any parking environment

Small-size aesthetic unit that controls 4 parking spots and fits in every parking installation 

Provides the exact location of the vehicle in the parking facilities by highly reliable license plate recognition at every spot

Indicate Spot availability and type: wide range of LED colours to indicate spot type & availability

Complete Spot videosurveillance: takes photos, video records upon motion detection and streams real time videos 

Set specific fares by zones and spots: obtains and manages information required for a dynamic pricing system

Web-based configuration: set the Spot control unit by using an intuitive and user friendly tool included in the BirdWatch platform

For a seamless integration with our Spot Control sensors, Quercus provides two types of LED displays that will show real-time information about the parking spot availability:

  • LED displays / wayfinding signage showing numerical values or direction
  • Easy web-based configuration of the displays from BirdWatch software platform

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