Vehicle presence detection sensors

Advanced All-in-One vehicle detection sensors developed by Quercus integrate the camera, communications and the processor into a small-size sealed unit and provide information about vehicle flow, queue occupancy and traffic statistics around the parking facilities.

Vehicle presence detection is performed using non-intrusive virtual loops where the detection is done through advanced computer vision algoritms. 

Main features:

  • All-in-One sealed unit that can control up to 4 lanes
  • Based on non-intrusive virtual loops
  • Fast installation & configuration
  • Adaptation to external factors
  • Easy start up & installation: based non-intrusive virtual loop technology, no road works needed
  • Fast configuration: done via web system from any web browser or via fast setup wizard that searches automatically the units, provides a direct detector menu and allows easy setup of outputs and logical functions
  • All-in-One small size sealed unit with IP67 protection
  • Set up of various detection areas and virtual loops
  • Queue effect elimination & learning of background to prevent confusion and vehicle detection errors
  • Shadow elimination: allows distinguishing between cars and shadows, increasing the reliability of the results.
  • External factors adaptation: optimal performance during the day / at night, adaptation to sudden light changes and different road traffic environments
  • Provides vehicle presence detection, traffic flow information and queue occupancy rates around the parking facilities

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